Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Day 21

Alligator II: The Mutation
Jon Hess

Another cop of questionable ethics, David Hodges (Joseph Bologna) or better known as “Lobo Solo” to his family and the local populace, stumbles upon some severed limbs that are showing up in the lake. He figures out it’s a giant alligator in about five minutes. The evil Future Chemicals has been dumping experimental growth hormones in the sewers. There’s a professional wrestling match in the middle of the movie for no reason. Richard Lynch shows up as Hawk Hawkins: Professional alligator hunter. Nothing makes any sense for sixty more minutes and then we have two cops shooting rocket launchers in the sewers to try and kill the alligator.

‘Alligator II’, forgoes the wit and lean plot of the original and instead decides to go for crazy and ham-fisted. I knew when the movie opened with two goons pouring chemicals in the sewer and explaining the entire plot, I was in for a treat. There is a lot of comedy, and surprisingly, a lot of it works. Sadly the alligator effects just don’t look very good. The attacks are not scary or dynamic and the decision to give the alligator glowing yellow eyes was pretty dumb. It’s a completely ridiculous monster movie but very entertaining.

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