Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Halloween Day 3

Michael A. DeGaetano

Where do I even start when trying to summarize the plot to this one? In the 1800's a young Native American woman is accused of stealing a horse and being a whore, she's tied to a horse and sent into the desert to die by the local army general, but in reality she's the scapegoat for another army officer's embezzlement scheme. Jump ahead to the 1970's and we meet characters who might be reincarnated versions of people from the past and then Aldo Ray gets drunk and tries to kill someone with a stick or something... 

The opening moments set in old west, complete with terrible accents, awful costumes and gratuitous nudity, made me sure this was going to be a schlocky revenge movie. Imagine my surprise when it ends up being a schlocky revenge movie that's more centered on reincarnation, a sweaty Aldo Ray and a phone booth that is installed in the middle of a nearby cemetery.  It’s also has a soundtrack that is pure AM Radio soft rock.  I see the writer/director is the mind behind, ‘UFO: Target Earth’ (1974), another movie that is slow, strange, has a weird soundtrack and that I inexplicably like.

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