Wednesday, October 29, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014: Day 29

Week #5: Killer Bods
The Killer Eye
David DeCoteau

A mad ophthalmologist (Jonathan Norman), brings in a young prostitute to experiment on. He puts drops in the man’s eyes and then tells him to look through a telescope like device. His experiment is to allow people to see into the Eighth Dimension. The scientist gets in an argument with his wife and misses the fact that the gigolo’s eye swells to gigantic size and takes off. While the doctor is trying to hide the dead body of his experiment, the eye roams around from apartment to apartment hypnotizing guys to watch while it has sex with women.

Our old pal David DeCoteau is back, presenting us a giant monster eye that does a lot more groping and a lot less killing. There’s some eye candy (sorry) for everyone here, women in the shower, shirtless dudes rubbing their chests for what seems like 2 hours, and silly rubber optical nerves touching boobs. What isn’t here is anything resembling a coherent plot. There is some Ed Wood worthy dialogue, my favorite moment being when the scientist is trying to explain that the eye is a hermaphrodite with one set of sex organs. The Killer Eye is neither shocking enough to be a horror movie or explicit enough to even qualify as softcore porn. Its twenty minutes of content in a seventy-two minute movie. When a clip of Linnea Quigley from Creepozoids (1987) is the best thing about a movie, you know you’re in trouble.

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