Saturday, October 22, 2016

31 Days of Halloween 2016 - Day 22

Laid to Rest
Robert Green Hall

A woman (Bobbi Sue Luther) awakens inside a coffin. She struggles to escape, and once she does, she realizes she doesn’t know where she is or who she is. She quickly learns she’s being stalked by a freakish killer who sports a chrome skull mask and a shoulder mounted video camera. The woman evades "Chromeskull" long enough to find a couple, Tucker (Kevin Gage) and Cindy (Lena Headey). Chromeskull continues his unrelenting assault, only occasionally stopping to reapply some adhesive to his mask. The group meets up with another local, Steve (Sean Whalen), and since no one in this town seems to know how to work a cell phone, everyone is sent running from one location to another desperately looking for a way to stop Chromeskull once and for all.

Laid to Rest initially comes off as yet another grim torture filled slasher, but peel away this outer layer and it reveals itself to be more of a sly weirdo comedy than an outright horror film. No one seems to understand how cell phones or GPS systems work. The woman, struggling to remember her name settles on Princess Gemstone from a childhood memory. Chromeskull himself only speaks through texts and stitched together voice recordings. The kills are inventive and extremely gory (there’s lots of neck sawing). The film starts to build momentum, but loses almost all of it during a strange maudlin scene of characters discovering dead bodies. It goes on too long and saps the film of much of its energy. Things pick-up during a last stand in a convenience store and manage to end in an amusing anti-climax. Not the greatest slasher ever made, but it does strive to be something different.

Today's Really Quite Tasty Evil Ingredient:
Wilton Silver Color Mist

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