Wednesday, October 26, 2016

31 Days of Halloween 2016 - Day 26

David DeCoteau

Adam (Thomas Bern) is a heavy metal musician (you can tell because he wears a Def Leppard t-shirt with no sleeves). Like any good heavy metal enthusiast he’s also into black magic. Adam casts a spell to summon a succubus named, Lily (Sylvia Summers), who will make him successful with women.  The night Adam and his girlfriend are hosting a party for all their terrible friends, Lilly crashes it. Lily’s price for her services is blood. She spends the evening dispatching a house full of horny teens, while Adam is beside himself with what to do about it. I mean, this his fault after all.

This is the first film of David DeCoteau, the creator of ‘boxer-briefs horror’ (The 1313 series, the Brotherhood series, etc.). Those films are notable for being extremely cheap exploitation films that are more interested in young men standing around in their underwear than any actual story. You can see the genesis of all that right here in Dreamanic, the camera lingers on the male bodies in way that must have quite surprising for something you’d pick up in a local video store in 1986. Dreamanic does have some fun kills and is soaked in the sort of 1980s VHS vibe that is extremely popular to emulate in the modern era. For such a short film, it’s pace is too slow, only occasionally showing some energy during Lily's attacks. There’s also a big twist at the end of the film that will have you shouting obscenities at the screen while the credits roll.

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