Thursday, October 5, 2017

31 Monsters #5 - The Aztec Mummy

The Aztec Mummy really gets around, he's battled Santo, a robot, and even some wrestling women. Generally he can be found asleep in a pyramid or a cave, at least until some dope steals his treasure (or makes the attempt anyway), he also occasionally searches for a reincarnated princess. He's not fast, but he's strong, choosing to lumber around and be smash people, unless he's fighting Santo and then a bow and arrow is his weapon of choice. Despite his usually campy movies, the Aztec Mummy can evoke a real sense of dread when he's reaching out from the dark to crush some skulls.

Favorite General Mills Cereal: Yummy Mummy
Favorite SUV: Pontiac Aztek
Favorite Scam: Pyramid Schemes

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