Saturday, October 3, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 03 - Friday the 13th the Series - Scarecrow

No really, he's wearing that on purpose.

Friday the 13th: the Series
S01E11 Scarecrow

Arguably the first ‘classic’ episode of the series shows off almost all of the hallmarks associated with it. The setting is a dreary rural farm community. We’ve got suspicious locals with shady pasts. Inevitably one of our leads has a dead relative or love interest thrown in for a back story, in this case, it is Ryan talking about a brother who died when he was young. We’ve got someone wearing something very silly, in this case, Ryan again with a hat and hockey-themed sweater that must be seen to be believed. Finally, we have our cursed object, here it is a terrifying scarecrow they will kill anyone who has their photo attached to it. Kill enough people and the scarecrow will grant a good crop harvest.

The moodiness of Scarecrow really does a lot of the work for this episode; the gloomy countryside already feels haunted even before we get into dealing with the scarecrow.  The scarecrow is a wonderfully realized monster; I’ve never seen a killer scarecrow that looks quite like it with its black wrapped face. The scarecrow wields a scythe and the show is liberal with the decapitations. You won’t have a hard time guessing who’s using the scarecrow but it’s hardly important. The episode climaxes in a tense final act that sees Mickey being chased through a house by the seemingly unstoppable monster.

If you are ever looking for a good introduction to the show this is not a terrible place to begin. It has a solid story and plenty to offer.

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