Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 06 - Friday the 13th: the Series - Tails I Live, Heads You Die

“I bring you the greatest tool of Satan... pogs.”

Friday the 13th the Series
S02E04 Tails I live, Heads You Die

Season 2 of Friday the 13th the Series starts altering the formula early on in its run. This time around we are not facing some common person who has been granted access to power at a weak moment in their life. In this episode the one wielding a magic coin that first kills and then resurrects is the head of large Satanic Cult. Immediately this ups the stakes. The protagonists now must face off against a large group with large aims and they know exactly how to use the object. The cult is using the coin to resurrect some of its oldest warlocks in order to bring Satan to Earth.

Just when stakes couldn’t be driven any higher, Mickey is killed. It is a short brutal scene, but at the time I was waiting for something to save her at the last moment. It never comes. The coin zaps her, she dies and Ryan freaks out. Now, since we know the object in question resurrects as well as killed she won’t be dead for long, she’ll probably be back. The story wisely uses this development to make Ryan and Jack’s task carry even more weight. The end of the world feels too big to bring home, needingto bring a friend back to life feels personal.

This whole episode list feels bigger and filled actions scenes. It is a step away from the more low-key stories and it works as a change-up and thankfully it isn’t one the show employs too often. To makes things even more interesting we have yet another object that they fail to secure by the end. Friday the 13th the Series never lets its darkness be pushed too far away

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