Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 21 - Dracula: The Series - The Vampire Solution

"I've been wearing wools socks and rubbing my feet on the carpet all day!"

Dracula: The Series
S01E03 The Vampire Solution

Dracula: The Series remembers that it is a low budget show about kids fighting Dracula and it isn’t afraid to be pretty silly yet with a slightly dark edge. Case in point, The Vampire Solution, this story has Uncle Gustav and a friend creating a potion that can supposedly cure vampirism. They accidentally switch the drink with an energy drink that belongs to Max and then they promptly get bitten and start to become vampires. Max, on the other hand, drinks the potion and gets the power to shoot anti-vampire lighting from his hands.

The episode is all kinds of ridiculous yet it still does a few interesting things. It is revealed that a single bite from a vampire can turn someone into the undead which ups Dracula’s threat immensely. There is an unexpected betrayal that could have blossomed into an interesting villain had things not been wrapped up so neatly. The story also does not forget that there is an anti-vampire cross in Gustav’s house, so it is nice to see a world-building and continuity.

Fans of late-night TV imported from Canada with also spot Geraint Wyn Davies here playing Klaus Helsing, a vampire lackey of Dracula. Geraint would go on to bigger vampire fame in Forever Knight as Nick Knight, vampire detective.

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