Friday, October 28, 2011

Slumber Party Massacre II

Slumber Party Massacre II
Deborah Brock

Courtney Bates (this time played by Crystal Bernard) one the survivors of the original Driller-Killer attack, is now 17 and makes plans to spend the weekend partying with her fellow band members in a posh condominium. She’s plagued with nightmares of a black leather clad stalker, a nasty drill and murders both in her past and yet to come. Meanwhile her sister Valerie, one of the other survivors, languishes away in an insane asylum. As the girls party away, Courtney’s dreams become more and more real. Is she going mad? Or is there something coming to get her?

“Slumber Party Massacre II “ initially comes off as little more than, a “Nightmare on Elm Street” clone, but manages to easily rival any of that film series’ sequels that don’t have “part 3: Dream Warriors” somewhere in the title. To my surprise it actually tries to maintain some connection to the previous film, most slasher sequels aren’t in the habit of bringing back survivors, much less have them live longer than the opening scene. Another surprise came with how much of a slow build that the movie has until the inevitable massacre. There’s no rush to get to the mayhem. We get some time with the characters, even as shallow as they are and we get to know them a little bit.

A slasher movie lives and dies by its killer and the Killer-Driller (Atanas Illitch) is a delight to watch. He’s a great balance between charismatic and menacing. Thankfully by leaving him largely an unseen presence until the final third of the movie, he doesn’t overstay his welcome. He’s got a certain greasy charm, he breaks the fourth wall a lot by winking and addressing the audience but at the same time he’s merciless and doesn’t hold back when it’s time to do someone in. Despite being a ‘horror-comedy,’ “Slumber Party Massacre II” doesn’t skimp on the gore and the kills. Bodies are drilled, giant zits shoot pus, there’s a hand-burger and even a semi-undead chicken attack. A few gallons of blood get spilled, all in the name of good fun.

There are several musical numbers in the movie, the girl band’s numbers are a little flat but certainly nothing too cheezy and awful. The Driller-Killer has a couple of 50’s style rock tunes he sings while dispatching people left and right, they’re fun and pretty catchy. I found myself singing them after the movie had finished.

It’s not all perfect. Every character aside from Courtney is either flat or annoying or both. For every bit of humor that works we get a few jokes like meeting officers Kruger and Voorhees (ugh). The movie doesn’t really make any sense. Is this the same killer from the first film? He certainly wasn’t some kind of suave rocker. If this isn’t the same killer, who is he? Why does he dress like evil Johnny Cash? Where did he get his awesome guitar?

Despite its flaws, ‘Slumber Party Massacre II” is really fun and enjoyable horror film. Highly recommended and I’m certain you’ll being singing, “Let’s Buzz” the next day.

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