Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Day 12

Halloween II
Rob Zombie

One year later and Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) is trying to get her life back together after the violent intrusion of Michael Myers (Tyler Mane).  Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) has written a best-selling book and is doing the talk show circuit. Michael is naturally not as dead as advertised, thanks to some unobservant ambulance drivers and an equally unobservant cow.  As Michael regains his strength in the woods, Laurie’s sanity begins to crumble as whatever strange connection they have grows stronger.

'Halloween II' is a rarity in the slasher genre in that it actually takes a look at what happens to people who have been affected by violence. Everyone who survived the previous 'Halloween', have been changed and not for the better; Laurie has become more volatile, Loomis has become superficial and careless. It’s a surprisingly mature take on what is usually a juvenile sub-genre of horror. That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of violence because there is, and it’s quite brutal. There is also an unusual dream-like quality to the film and like its predecessor; it can be quite beautiful at times.  Originally panned when it opened, it’s nice to seeing starting to get the notice it deserves.

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