Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Day 14

El barĂ³n del terror (aka The Brainiac)
Chano Urueta

In 1661 a wicked Baron (Abel Salzar) is about to be burned at the stake. He vows to return and get his revenge when a passing comet returns to the sky. Three hundred years later that comet does return and so does the Baron. He emerges from a meteorite as a monster with pincers, a big bloated head and a forked tongue for sucking out brains. Fortunately for the Baron, he can also change his shape to look like his handsome former self. He sets out to eat the brains of the descendants of the people condemned him.

‘The Brainiac’ has a pretty stock revenge plot that is executed in the clumsiest way possible. The Baron just returns to 1961 as a monster and starts setting up plans to lure his victims to his mansion to eat them. There is no mystery and very little characterization for anyone. Thankfully the movie is rescued by one of cinema’s most strange and silly looking monsters. There are also a few scenes of truly gross brain eating, as the Baron needs an occasional spoon full of brains from a serving dish he keeps in his room. It’s also good to note that Mexico City police have easy access to a flamethrower. 

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