Wednesday, October 5, 2016

31 Days of Halloween 2016 - Day 5

Juan Piquer Simón

Toxic waste has spawned a new mutant strain of slugs that not only have poisonous slime, but also really love the taste of flesh. Mike Brady (Michael Garfield) is an architect turned health inspector who figures out the cause of all these random bloody skeletons, but no one wants to believe him.  Mike and a slug expert team up to kill off all the mutated slugs that are breeding In the sewers, even if they have to blow up half the town to do it.

Slugs is by the director of the legendary Pieces (1982), so you should know you’re getting into something mighty odd. If your movie is about killer slugs, it better be gross, and in that respect, Slugs delivers. It’s a gory slimy mess, with a lot of gross-out moments. People chop up and eat slugs by accident, slugs eat people from the inside out on purpose. People chop off their own hands and blow up their houses just to get rid of little monsters. A couple engaging in a little adult time find themselves rudely interrupted by a horde of slugs from their toilet. The movie is stupid and nasty in all the right ways. The deaths are gruesome, but ridiculous. The dialogue is an affront to spoken language: “After I've dealt with these slugs, what do you say to we get naked and crazy?” Slugs is a glorious mess, but it might just put your off of eating salad for a while.

Today's Really Quite Tasty Gastropod Goody:
Giant Chocolate Slug

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