Friday, November 2, 2018

31 Nightmares!

For the month of October 2018, I wrote a mini-essay on Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare of Elm Street phenomenon. Here are all 31 in one place for you the enjoy for the first time or for the reoccurring nightmare you just can't shake.

31 Nightmares

  1. Welcome to Prime Time, Bitch!
  2. Bastard Son of a 100 Maniacs
  3. This is God
  4. I'm into Survival
  5. What Kind of [CENSORED] Runs Around in a Christmas Sweater?
  6. We Have Special Work to Do Here, You and Me.
  7. Help Yourself, Fucker!
  8. No Screaming While the Bus is in Motion!
  9. I'm Going to Take Him Away from You...
  10. It was Just Something that the Kids Say to Keep the Boogeyman Away.
  11. In my Dreams, I am the Wizard Master.
  12. We Make House Calls.
  13. I'm Standing in the Night Alone, Forever Together
  14. You Are All My Children Now.
  15. We Saw Elm Street and Man it was Def
  16. In Dreams... I Am Forever!
  17. Welcome to Wonderland...Alice
  18. Faster than a Bastard Maniac! More Powerful than a Loco-Madman!
  19. You Can Check In but You Can't Check Out
  20. Kids... Always a Disappointment
  21. Oh, Right. You're Gonna Be a TV Star.
  22. I'll Get You, My Pretty! And Your Little Soul, Too!
  23. Every Kid Knows Who Freddy is. He's like Santa Claus... or King Kong or...
  24. All Day Long I've Been Seeing that Guy's Weird Face...
  25. All Day Long I've Been Seeing that Guy's Weird Face...(Part 2)
  26. I Think the Only Way to Stop Him is to Make Another Movie.
  27. No. It isn't You. He's Scarier. He's...
  28. He May Get the Blood, but I'll Get the Glory...
  29. You Smell Different.
  30. Now I'm Playing with Power!
  31. Every Town has an Elm Street!

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