Friday, October 23, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 23 - Dracula: The Series - Double Darkness


Dracula: The Series
S01E05 Double Darkness

Out of the previous four episodes, three of them have used some kind of physical object as the center of the plot. Double Darkness immediately changes things up with a shock opener as we watch a vampiric Uncle Gustav take a bite out of a stranded motorist. We know the odds that Gustav was bitten off-screen since the previous episode are pretty slim, it’s still an intriguing way to begin. Thankfully it’s not the only surprise Double Trouble has in store. 

The biggest revelation here is that Dracula isn’t the only top-tier vampire. Someone has been wiping out companies and land that Drac owns (conveniently and cheaply off-camera). It is revealed that Dracula has a rival in another famous vampire, Nosferatu (Denis Forest) whom he imprisoned decades ago. This opens up the world considerably and adds a new layer to what has been a pretty standard vampire set-up. Nosferatu isn’t the gnarled bald monster of the films, but instead is a skinny white guy with thinning hair, but I’ll take what I can get and if that includes a vampire fight then I am all in.

We get a further twist when Max ends up saving Dracula from an ambush which also creates a whole new space for the show to explore. Is it possible down the line that Dracula must join forces with Uncle Gustav and crew to fight off a greater evil? Well, the show only ran one season but we can dream.

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