Friday, October 2, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 02 - Friday the 13th the Series - The Inheritance

"This playground equipment is probably more dangerous than that doll."

Friday the 13th: The Series
S01E01 The Inheritance

The first episode of Friday the 13th: The Series has quite a task ahead of it, it must introduce the three core characters, give them all reason to hang around and put their lives in danger chasing cursed objects, it must introduce why those items are cursed, and finally it needs to show a cursed object in action to give the audience a taste of things to come.

To its credit, The Inheritance manages to do all of these things and never feels rushed. We actually spend quite a bit of time with Lewis Vendredi, the man who made a pact with the devil to sell the cursed stuff. We might not understand why he’s doing what he’s doing or more interesting why he suddenly has a change of heart and decides to break the pact but it not super important.

The introduction of Mickey, Ryan, and Jack is the series’ strongest start. All three characters show-up fully formed and demonstrating good chemistry between them. The show wouldn’t be half as enjoyable if it had to only rely on interesting cursed objects. The downtime with our heroes is just as fun.

It is the cursed object where the pilot cuts a few corners. In this case, it is a murderous doll wielded by a very young Sarah Polley. The doll isn’t a particularly compelling villain it just gives an already traumatized girl a means to lash out. What is interesting is that Ryan and Mickey can’t just punch a little girl in the head and take it (well, they could but they are far too nice). 

The Inheritance shows off all the staples of the show and it does a good job in the process, creating a compelling start that Friday the 13th: The Series will improve on as it goes.

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