Friday, October 9, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 09 - War of the Worlds - Goliath is My Name


War of the Worlds
S01E08 Goliath is My Name

Goliath is My Name showcases War of the Worlds’ best secret weapon, black comedy. Although never advertised as such, War of the Worlds often presented some very quirky moments. 

The plot of Goliath is My Name involves the Martians attempting to acquire a weaponized virus from a college campus.  To accomplish this, they use stolen bodies all dressed in identical black suits. This is to pass through a Blue Brothers party to get into the steam tunnels which lead to the lab. Already this raises some questions about how the aliens know anything about who the Blues Brothers are or managed to get their hands on ten identical black suits.

They immediately get lost in the steam tunnels for what seems like days? They run into a bunch of dorks playing some kind of laser tag LARP, faces are ripped off and an alien possessed jock manages to get the virus samples as well as a healthy dose of the virus itself. This means he walks around shouting and half believes the silly LARP is real while his alien cohorts try and keep up. It’s all very goofy and gross and ends with the anti-alien task force trapping him in a lab and using the vacuum pumps to make him burst into green goo. Goliath is My Name is ridiculous but also quite fun. This is War of the Worlds at its most B-movie inspired and as we will see the show varies in tone quite a bit throughout the 1st season.

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