Saturday, October 10, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 10 - War of the Worlds - To Heal the Leper

"Y'all got any more of them brains?"

War of the Worlds
S01E09 To Heal the Leper

Early on in the War of the Worlds series, there is much more of a back and forth between the Blackwood Project and the Martians. Each side claims a victory once and a while. Eventually, the good guys start to steamroll the Martians and things become less engaging, but for now, let’s enjoy a little alien victory.

The name of the game in To Heal the Leper is brains. This episode is filled with brains. Brains are stolen. Brains are piled up in a giant brain distillery. Brains are rubbed all over a sick Martian. This episode probably holds some kind of record for the sheer number of human brains on display. It is wonderfully goofy and gross, the sign of a good episode of War of the Worlds.

One member of the triumvirate that leads the Martians has come down with chickenpox and the only cure is more brains. Thus begins the aliens’ journey to collect brains, load them up in a giant inverted pyramid, and run high voltage through it in order to make a cure. Along the way, they grab people to cut their heads open and steal their brains.

The Blackwood team is always a step behind and never really catch-up to the aliens until the very end. The aliens cure their leader and escape. Even when Blackwood thinks he’s managed to capture a piece of alien technology it blows-up in his face. Suck it, Blackwood, this one goes to the Martians.

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