Thursday, October 22, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 22 - Dracula: The Series - The Boffin

Dracula is at his most vulnerable when hailing a cab.

Dracula: The Series
S01E04 The Boffin

The Boffin is perhaps the silliest episode of Dracula: The Series so far. This one introduces Dr. Benedict (Lee MacDougall), a bungling scientist who is always wearing a bowtie and a lab coat like some kind of cartoon character. Dr. Benedict has developed an anti-vampire laser gun which creates a couple of questions. Are vampires well-known enough that someone can just up and make a laser gun specifically for use against vampires without much question? What is the research based on? A regular laser gun seems like it would be just as effective.

None of this really matters because Lucard is the one funding the vampire laser gun research. This results in a decent showdown with Max in Dr. Benedict’s lab and a final reveal about the effectiveness of the laser gun that makes no sense, but I thought it was a fun note to end the episode with. This episode leans far more into comedy which is fine as a change as long it doesn’t become a trend. Dracula: The Series really walks a narrow line between mild horror and mild camp and as long as it keeps that up it works.

At this point, they still haven’t explained how a billionaire like Dracula has easily wiped out this house filled with young kids and an old man, but maybe that’s something we will get to eventually.

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