Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 27 - Nightmare Cafe - The Heart of the Mystery

Gomez Addams?

Nightmare Café
S01E04 The Heart of the Mystery

This is much better. Nightmare Café uses its mystical set-up to frame the entire story and add an issue of time in the form of a bullet. A detective finds himself on the wrong end of a gun when he chases a junkie into an alley. This all just happens to occur outside of the café.  The detective stumbles into the café confused but soon is told that when he walks out the front door of the café he will die from the bullet that is slowly heading towards his frozen form outside. He has one chance to solve a mystery that has haunted him for years involving a woman he loved and an accidental shooting.

This story feels like the writers are finally starting to get a grip on using the premise of the café to suit the story. We get both Frank and Fay jumping in and out of time as they try and help solve the mystery. Blackie offers tantalizing hints but he’s far less of the overly comedic character from previous stories. The mystery isn’t especially difficult to figure out. We know that the detective probably didn’t accidentally kill his lover and there is only one other suspect introduced. 

The other element that Nightmare Café seems to be honing is the final fate of its villains. This time around they are transformed into a creepy statue and the epilogue goes on to tell the future of this particular piece of art. It’s a nice touch and a clever way to close out the story. Things are looking up for Nightmare Café. Sadly, there are only two episodes left. 

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