Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Halloween Day 4

House on Haunted Hill
William Malone

A remake of the 1959 film, has more or less the same plot. Jeffery Rush plays Stephen Price, a millionaire who has set up an elaborate revenge plot to get back at his wife. It too involves being locked in a haunted house, a bunch of strangers and some handguns.

This is my favorite Dark Castle production (which isn't saying much,  most of them aren't that great). There's some creepy design work, some wonderful monsters and one of the best openings and post credit stingers of the 90's. Jeffrey Rush and Famke Janssen play off each other wonderfully as Stephen and Evelyn Price. There is a potent mix of creeping dread and jump scares, with just enough humorous dialogue to keep things from getting too grim. It does fall down a bit in the climax, and some of the CG is showing it's age, but for the most part this film is a great haunted house ride.

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