Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days of Halloween Day 6

Blood Harvest
Bill Rebane

Jill (Itonia Salochek) returns home from college to find her parents are missing, and her house vandalized. She turns to her childhood friend Gary (Dean West) who lives on a dying farm with his crazy brother Mervo (Tiny Tim). Mervro is always dressed like a clown complete with make-up and wanders around the farm singing strange songs. Other friends of Jill show up on the farm only to be caught, tied upside-down and slaughtered. Jill remains unaware of this until it’s too late.

Tiny Tim is easily the best thing about this tired slasher. If you want an unsettling character, dressing Tiny Tim up like a clown and having him sing creepy songs is not a bad way to go about it. Unfortunately he disappears for a large portion of the movie and we’re forced to watch Jill wander around oblivious to everything that’s happening. There is very little on screen violence but it was a much sleazier film than I was expecting, there’s quite a bit of chloroforming induced nudity. This movie was directed by Bill Rebane (Giant Spider Invasion) and it feels like it was edited with a sledgehammer. 

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