Saturday, October 19, 2013

31 Days of Halloween 2013 - Day 19

Night of the Demon
James C. Wasson

Professor Nugent (Michael J. Cutt), am anthropologist, is approached by a woman (Joy Allen) whose father was mutilated and killed on a fishing trip. One of the crime scene photos reveals a large food print. Naturally suspecting Bigfoot is behind the crime, Professor Nugent takes a bunch of students with him into the backwoods location of the murder. During their trip they learn of someone named ‘Crazy Wanda’ who has some connection to Bigfoot itself. Then they stumble upon a Sasquatch sex cult and things take a turn for the worse.

Night of the Demon has the appearance of a monster on the rampage film, but it is structured like a slasher film.  Bigfoot steadily stalks his prey before killing them off in several spectacularly gory fashions: eyes are gouged out, girl scouts are forced to stab each other, and bikers get their wangs ripped off. The camera lingers on each gross out gag for a far too long. The moment ceases to be shocking as the illusion of the cheap effects begins to wear off. Gallons and geysers of blood gets spray across the screen. The movie tosses in a number of flashbacks to previous attacks to spice up the rather plodding first half of the movie. In addition to all the graphic violence there's quite a bit of sex in the movie, none of it is pleasant and its nearly as horrific as the killings. Night of the Demon is a surprise burst of cheap gore that seems to have gone relatively unknown.

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