Thursday, October 16, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014: Day 16

Week #3: Mostly Mummies
Time Walker
Tom Kennedy

Professor Doug McCadden (Ben Murphy) is bumbling around the tomb of King Tut. Thanks to an earthquake he discovers a hidden chamber with a sarcophagus. He transports it back to California, where a student (Kevin Brophy) X-raying the coffin discovers there are crystals hidden inside. He stupidly steals them and sells them off to some other students. The mummy (who turns out to actually be an alien) does not take this lightly and rises to get his crystals back. He accomplishes this mostly by murdering the unfortunate kids who bought them.

Outside of the alien back story, there really isn't anything all that different from a traditional mummy movie. The mummy lurches about (or in this case quietly floats) after its victims, who spend most of the movie completely oblivious to the fact anything weird is going on. The mummy is confined to POV shots and an unfortunate reveal of it's alien form. It's pretty much a bloodless affair, but there is a little bit of gross-out slime, thanks to some infectious fungus the mummy has on it. Most of the college students range from bland targets to annoying jerks whom you can't wait to see on the receiving end of a space mummy. The movie is too slow and short on actual scares, and it takes itself far too seriously. Despite an overwhelming number of flaws, I actually enjoyed the film. Perhaps  after sitting through a Jerry Warren movie the day before, anything would look good.

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