Tuesday, October 7, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014: Day 7

Week #2: Weird Werewolves
Monster Dog
Claudio Fragasso

Vince Raven (Alice Cooper) is a rock musician shooting a music video in his childhood home. Packs of wild dogs begin attacking people in the area. When the caretaker of Vince’s old home goes missing, the crew begin to suspect a killer is lurking in the woods nearby. Vince reveals that his father had lycanthropy and was viciously murdered by the locals who blamed him for many deaths. Now it seems there is new monster and everyone begins to suspect Vince is following in his father’s pawsteps.

For starters, Monster Dog is directed by the man who brought us Troll 2 (1990). So, I was not expecting much quality... and I was right. This film is much better than Troll 2, but it does lack that movie’s odd charm. The plot does not make much sense upon first viewing (or the second). The dog attacks are performed by some barely trained animals who don’t seem to care much for chewing on people. Alice Cooper’s voice is dubbed through the entire film by someone else entirely. There’s more fog in this movie than in The Fog (1980). The most surprising thing in the film is a gun fight that seems to come out of nowhere.The titular monster dog looks neat, but it’s an obvious stiff looking prop. There is a hefty amount of gore and some of it very well done.  Monster Dog is filled with goofy nonsense but it’s far too lazily paced to be much fun. Even Alice looks disinterested.

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