Wednesday, October 14, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015: Day 14

Deep Rising
Stephen Sommers

Finnegan (Treat Williams) is a boat captain hired to take a group of shady characters to a specific spot in the ocean. Finnegan’s crew is very suspicious of them, and the group of men do nothing to really dissuade them. Their boat collides with a drifting speed boat, and eventually they crawl their way to a large cruise liner. Finnegan’s passengers have come to rob it and then sink it. On board they can find no sign of any passengers. The whole ship looks like it was deserted in a hurry. They are pools of blood and strange sounds echoing elsewhere in the ship. Finnegan has to figure out a way to get his crew out of there before they are killed by the thieves, or worse, whatever is waiting for them in the bowels of the ship.

Deep Rising is a fun action-horror hybrid that tosses a heist film, Tremors (1990), and Poseidon Adventure (1972) together. There is plenty of humor and a few decent gore effects. In height of video rentals, this was a rare b-movie with a decent budget that made it into theaters. The CGI monster effects have aged far better than most from this time period, and the actual design of the creature has a great menace to it. Although it was a flop when it originally was released, Deep Rising has been slowly culling a following, and I imagine one day, it will hit critical mass. Deep Rising is an exciting monster movie from an era when they were on the way out. Highly recommended.

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