Friday, October 2, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015: Day 2

Nightmare Weekend

Henry Sala

Three college girls are invited to spend the weekend at a professor's house. After a brief stop at a bar/arcade, and some sweaty lovemaking with one of the locals, the girls arrive and settle in. What they don't know is that they are part of an experiment. The professor has invented a computer that  makes little silver balls out of just about any kind of matter, and once one is ingested, the computer can change you emotionally and physically. The professor's crazy assistant is looking to get her hands on the computer and sell it off, but first she has to know that she can make people into killers. It's worth mentioning that there is another supercomputer in the house that communicates via hand-puppet.

Nightmare Weekend was seemingly edited with a brick. Scenes just slam into one another with little consideration for flow and pace. The opening is a confusing mess that ends in a gory splash. Nightmare Weekend can't tell a coherent story to save its life, but it does deliver on some bloodletting. In between these, sadly, brief moments of violence we are left with some truly goofball characters, the scientist's overly naive daughter, a guy obsessed with his Walkman, a chauffeur who drinks out of a flask between two slices bread, and an entire town of greasy perverts. Nightmare Weekend can never settle on a tone. Is it a silly comedy? Is it a violent horror movie? Who can tell? This schizophrenic car wreck of a film comes to a wonderfully downer end and then caps it off with its very own theme song. I loved it.

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