Sunday, October 25, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015: Day 25

The Objective
Daniel Myrick

A US Special Forces team in Afghanistan is tasked with locating a cleric by the name of Mohammed Aban. The team and their CIA handler begin to experience strange events soon after they enter the desolate mountains in search of him. There are odd lights in the sky, ancient looking figures that only appear in thermal vision, and entire stretches of land that didn’t exist hours before, are just a few of the sights the team endures. As their numbers dwindle, the soldiers discover they are embroiled in an ancient mystery that dates as far back as Alexander the Great. Out of ammo and provisions, the last survivors struggle to signal a rescue but a strange dark triangle shape haunts them.

The Objective is filled with mysteries, and it’s not eager to share much. When done right, I really like that in a film. The story keeps most of its occurrences just out of sight of the protagonists. It works very well a source of creeping horror, these soldiers have walked into a place where reason does not exist. No matter how hard they try and deal with things rationally, the reality of the situation will not play along. Shot in Morocco, the environment feels so isolated and abandoned, it might as well be the moon. The characters a simply drawn, but they work well enough for the story. There really isn’t a need for much character depth, it’s these people drowning in mystery that is the real draw.

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