Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015: Day 4

Witchery (aka La Casa 4)
Fabrizio Laurenti

A pregnant Jane Brooks (Linda Blair) is having strange nightmares and near fatal accidents, things don’t get any better when her family and a sexy architect travel to an abandoned island resort in hopes of flipping it for a lot of money. The two big problems with this are the fact that it is a) haunted by the ghost of a witch who has some connection with Jane and b) it is also infested with David Hasselhoff, who is there with his girlfriend taking photos of the place for a book on haunted places. A storm strands both groups on the island, and the evil witch starts luring people into strange situations that inevitably lead to their deaths.

By turns hokey and gory, Witchery is at least never dull. This does work to keep it entertaining, but the movie is rarely interested in losing its forward momentum long enough to explain what the heck is going on. The acting is a race to the bottom, with either the witch or an annoying little kid taking the prize. The special effects range from some impressive moments, especially an extended burning alive sequence, to the abysmal, like stealing frames from the opening credits of Doctor Who and throwing a red filter over it to represent a vortex. Witchery is pretty middle of the road as far as 80s Italian horror goes, but that just means it isn’t as gonzo as it could have been. Witchery is an entertaining mess.

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