Tuesday, October 11, 2016

31 Days of Halloween 2016 - Day 11

Track of the Moon Beast
Richard Ashe

Paul Carson (Chase Cordell) is a mineralogist, who gets a moon fragment lodged in his skull during a meteor shower. As you would expect, this makes him turn into a lizard monster during each full moon. Paul has no real memory of these incidents, but his friends, Kathy (Donne Leigh Drake) and Johnny Longbow (Gregorio Sala) become concerned about the increasing pile of bodies. Paul tries to have the meteorite removed, but things just aren’t going his way and he finds out that sooner or later he’s going to immolate. Paul tries to get away from everyone so that he doesn’t cause any more harm, but his inner lizard-man has other ideas about that.

The best thing about Track of the Moon Beast is the poster. Take a long look at it, it’s really cool. OK, done? Now settle in for an awkward slog of a movie, where the only enjoyable thing is just how stilted and bad the dialog can be. From the cheap monster, that you never get a good look at any way, to the silly made-up Navajo legends, Track of Moon Beast is one long goofy story told through the patented look of terrible 1970s film stock. It’s an agonizing horrible mess, and it’s my deep shame to admit I’ve seen this movie, sans-MST3K riffing, more than once. I have to give kudos to a movie that goes out of its way to have a character explode an already going to explode monster. I think I'm just going to look at the poster some more.

Today's Really Quite Tasty Meal:
Stew of the Moon Beast

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