Saturday, October 13, 2018

I'm Standing in the Night Alone, Forever Together

Dream Warrior Power Rankings

5. Tayrn
Tayrn’s power is being a punk? Having switchblades? Honestly, I’m not sure here. She puts up a good front but ultimately she doesn’t do much more than get a few swipes at Krueger before he gets dream heroin all over her. Good presentation but disappointing results.

4. Will
Will is the Wizard Master and he can shoot death beams from his fingertips. He can also walk which is something he is unable to do in the waking world. Maybe he’s so enamored with his newfound mobility he can’t help but run right up to Freddy and get stabbed. Nice try nerd.

3. Kristen
Kristen can pull other people into her dreams, which kind of a dick move but an effective one. Ideally, she can use this to pull all the Dream Warriors together to fight Freddy, but really she’s just throwing more meat into the grinder.

2. Joey
Joey’s dream power is a shout that can break mirrors and send Freddy away. That’s pretty useful once he figures out he can do it. Joey’s other power is being a huge perv and despite any amount of danger he’s in, he’ll gladly grope a sexy dream lady. To be fair it only gets him killed once.

1. Kinkaid
Kinkaid has the power of super strength and a cranky attitude. The later gets him through Dreams Warriors just fine, but not so much in part 4: The Dream Master. Punching Freddy in the head is probably really satisfying but I’m not sure how much good it does in the end. Bonus points for naming his dog, Jason.

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