Thursday, October 29, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 29 - Nightmare Cafe - Aliens Ae My Lunch

"Nightmare Cafe tried to add a giant talking booger to the cast
to save it from cancellation but it was too late."

Nightmare Café
S01E06 Aliens Ate My Lunch

Whelp here we are the final episode of Nightmare Café and what an odd yet totally fitting send-off for this strange messy footnote in television history. Aliens Ate My Lunch is an outright comedy. A tabloid writer rolls into a small town with three little people he picked up along the way and stages a fake alien invasion to get a story. Things get out of control and the employees of the café step-in to try and keep anyone from getting killed.

The good: Anything that opens with cows being abducted by aliens is ok by me and it’s a clever detail at the beginning of the episode that demonstrates something is up beyond the simple comedy plot. Robert Englund dressed as a farmer complete with seed cap and overalls is a delight. Bobby Slayton is fun as the tabloid reporter and appears to be really enjoying his time on screen.

The bad: The comedy is broad and not well delivered. Every new character creeps on Fay and it is supposed to be funny but it just feels gross. Frank is a huge fan of this tabloid reporter which seems to be a detail that doesn’t fit his character and comes out of nowhere. There is a lengthy unfunny epilogue that tries making this episode feel like some kind of finale but it is pretty obvious it never was intended for that.

The great: I’m pretty sure they stole footage from The Aurora Encounter(1986) for this episode

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