Friday, September 9, 2022

We go to 11


This marks Outpost Zeta's 11th year! I have been putting out a review every Friday without fail, multiple reviews around the holidays, trading cards, and a lot of other things. (I would have done this announcement on its 10th birthday, but I kind of forgot... It's been a long pandemic, friends.)

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my little movie blog. You're the best. I hope you discovered some films that you've liked or at least enjoyed hating.

I think it is time to change up the format. Posts will not be weekly anymore, they will be coming monthly from here on out, but they are going to be longer reviews. I really want to take a deeper look at these cult and b-movies I love so much and I need to go past 500 words and I want to take my time and produce some good content for you.

So, check back here in a couple weeks as we give the site a long needed makeover and take a deeper dive into the first movie ever reviewed on Outpost Zeta. That's right. Get ready for a look at The Apple (1980)!

The Apple: The Outrageous 1980 Dystopian Sci-Fi Musical — Lethal Amounts
"Who Me?"

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