Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Days of Weirdness: Day 8

The Blackout
Robert David Sanders

It’s an unusually warm Christmas Eve in LA and various apartment dwellers are:  getting together for a party, trying to have sex, or being agoraphobic.  Their petty squabbles and interpersonal relationships are interrupted by a series of tremors that grow stronger with each passing one.  The apartment loses power after a particularly strong quake, and at the cost of a couple of kids, the residents discover monstrous things are crawling out of a newly formed fissure in the basement and they are working their way up through the complex. The surviving residents must find a way to the roof before the monsters find them.

The acting is pretty weak, the sets on the cheap side, and the monsters a bit rubbery, but “The Blackout” is still extremely ambitious for its tiny budget.  The monsters are mix of practical suits and GGI to varying levels of success, although I do like their design quite a bit. The human characters are a lot less interesting. I did like that neither we nor the characters ever have a good idea where these creatures come from or what they really want (other than to eat us, of course). I also really appreciated the apocalyptic final imagery that really opens up the story from the contained space of the apartment building.  If you have a high tolerance (or perhaps even a love) of micro-budget monster movies, you could do a lot worse than spend some of your Christmas vacation with this one.

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