Tuesday, October 29, 2013

31 Days of Halloween 2013 - Day 29

Jason X
James Isaac

2008: The military has finally caught Jason Vorhees (after blowing him in ’93?), and want to study his regenerative abilities. The army is nearly outsmarted by a walking corpse in a hockey mask and only through dumb luck do they manage to freeze him. 2455: A expedition of students has come back to the now abandoned Earth where they find the still frozen Jason and wisely bring him on board their ship. Jason thaws out and begins wiping out the students and the crew. Just when they think they have him beat, some wayward nanites turn him into Cyber-Jason, and then things get really silly.

Jason X is ridiculous. I mean really ridiculous. It works though, because it plays everything seriously (except for one scene in a holographic Crystal Lake). There’s a liveliness and inventive spirit that really hasn’t been present since Part 6, and most importantly it feels like a Friday the 13th film. All the old tropes and cliché’s are present, just tarted up with some futuristic trappings. Cyber-Jason doesn’t work quite as well as he could, he feels threatening but he just isn’t as iconic as his old self. All the sci-fi elements are about as well-worn as the Friday the 13th ones, but when put together they make for an interesting juxtaposition. Jason X takes the franchise just about as far as it can go while still retaining the essentials, it’s a massive leap away from the gritty shocks of the original but it’s a fun monster on the loose (in space) film.

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