Sunday, October 16, 2016

31 Days of Halloween 2016 - Day 16

Night Ripper
Jeff Hatchcock

A psycho is stalking the streets and murdering women. The murders resemble the work of Jack the Ripper (in theory anyway). The slayings all seem to tie back to a photography studio, Beauty Photogrpahy, run by Mitch (Larry Thomas) and David (James Hansen). Every woman murdered had her photos taken there, and it doesn’t help that Mitch and David are just a little bit sleazy. Another damning fact is that Mitch worked as a butcher(?) before becoming a fashion photographer. A potential suspect is Janet (April Audia), a spurned lesbian who might be out for revenge. The police take in an interest in the studio's denizens, and soon Mitch finds himself lured to ‘Vogue International’ to uncover the real killer.

Night Ripper is a shot-on-video slasher whose most notable feature is that it stars the man who would later rise to fame as the ‘Soup Nazi’ on Seinfeld. The plot itself isn’t bad, certainly not by the standards of slasher films, but it’s hampered by incompetent shots, bad editing, and too much padding. There is a lengthy driving sequence that seems to exist only to play an entire song. There is some enjoyably silly dialogue, but the movie falls short on delivering interesting kills or any of the usually lurid draws of slasher movies. Still, as with many SOV films, it has a bargain basement charm through its bad lighting, static shots, and weird line deliveries.

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