Wednesday, October 18, 2017

31 Monsters #18 - Hedorah

Hedorah (or The Smog Monster as he's known in the U.S.) is a giant blob of pollution given life, and the primary opponent of Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971). Hedorah has a bit more depth than many villainous kaiju, he's a walking indictment of man's destruction of nature, mirroring Godzilla in a way. He's also an incredibly difficult monster to put down. It takes every effort of both Godzilla and human science to finally end the creature. Hedroah occupies the Godzilla universe as if it was coming down from a bad acid trip. Everything about him and his surroundings seems off. Hedorah is one weird kaiju, and that's why I like him so much.

Trivia: Possible distant relative of The Trash Heap.
Likes: Toxic Avenger movies
Dislikes: Clean air legislation, kittens

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