Monday, October 12, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 12 - War of the Worlds - The Second Seal

"I am definitely going to try sitting on this."

War of the Worlds
S01E07 The Second Seal

The whole first season of War of the Worlds uses Biblical references for episodes. It occasionally makes sense but very rarely. The Second Seal falls into the doesn’t make much sense category.  I suppose you could take the discovery of a whole batch of frozen aliens as the next stage in the apocalypse, but the events of this episode unfold in such a goofy way, it never feels like there is much of an apocalypse coming. 

Norton hacks his way into the US Army and discovers a vault with a treasure trove of information about the aliens in a deep storage vault run by the army. The Blackwood team goes to uncover it and the Martians aren’t far behind. There should be a tense stand-off deep in the catacombs of this vault, but what we are really here for is an alien pyramid device that makes humans horny and can be used as a weapon when mounted on a flashlight. I don’t get it either, by in War of the Worlds tradition the outcome is pretty fun.  There are gunfights, laser, plenty of groping, and a tragic romance thrown into the mix. This is the show throwing everything it can at the screen and it makes a gory chaotic blast. 

Our victims of the horny ray, Blackwood and McCullough don’t have much sexual chemistry together but that just makes it feel more like two awkward science nerds hopelessly trying to flirt, and that works for me.

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