Sunday, October 25, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 25 - Nightmare Cafe - Dying is the Best Revenge

"I'm watching this boring episode of Nightmare Café"

Nightmare Café
S01E02 – Dying is the Best Revenge

Dying is the Best Revenge has Frank get involved with a married woman who fears her husband. He certainly seems to be tied up with organized crime. Frank has the hots for her and gets really involved, Fay acts intensely jealous about the whole thing, which all seems really strange since this is only the second episode and these two have not had time to build any chemistry. Robert Englund announces that his name is Blackie which I don’t recall him saying in the pilot episode. He mostly hangs around the café and makes smart-ass comments, which is to say, those are easily the best parts of the show.

Episode 2 of Nightmare Café shows the biggest weakness of the series but also its biggest strength. For most its run of Dying is the Best Revenge feels like a typical crime drama of the era, complete with PG rated steamy making out and just tiny bit of violence. There is nothing new or particularly interesting about the pot boiler story. The strange mystical elements of Nightmare Café are pushed to the side. However, the supernatural elements make a last-minute twist straight out of Tales from the Crypt. This hints at a nimbleness this series could have for switching up genres. We’ll have to see if they can deploy it to greater effect.

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