Wednesday, October 7, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015: Day 7

Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College

John Carl Buechler

21 years ago… so, I presume, 1960? A young man is menaced by three creepy little monsters and manages to trip them and himself inside a comic book. Time jump to the terrifying future of 1991, and Glazier college finds itself embroiled in Prank Week, when frats annoy everyone else by having a contest to pull the best prank. The main competition is between the Betas and the Gammas, with Dean of Students, Professor Ragnar (Kevin McCarthy) looking to get rid of them all. Eventually, some dumbass reads the magic comic book and unleashes the three Ghoulies into the middle of an already chaotic campus.

I don’t know if the Ghoulies films ever managed to have an identity. The first one is an attempt at demonic horror, after that they dabble in comedy to various levels of success. The only thing that really ties these films together are some similar looking rubber puppets. I went in to Ghoulies III with bottom of the barrel expectations and was rewarded with, well… I wouldn’t say rewarded, but I was presented with a film that’s never particularly funny or scary, but did manage to deliver the minimum amount of entertainment to pass the time. None of the human characters are likable, so I had no problem with the Ghoulies dispatching them in various cartoonish ways. This is the first film were the little monsters speak, and it actually works, making their scenes easily the best parts of the movie.

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