Tuesday, October 6, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015: Day 6

The Dark Side of the Moon

D.J. Webster

A space shuttle is on a mission to repair damaged satellites. Suddenly, they start experiencing mysterious systems failures. Unsure of the source, the shuttle begins drifting towards the moon, and soon they are orbiting towards the dark side. An older shuttle drifts up from the surface of the moon, it’s the Discovery, seemingly lost 30 years ago. The crew docks with it and finds no one on board, but those do find a lot of water damage. While the crew ponders the fact that the Discovery was originally lost somewhere over the ocean, the oldest evil known to man begins to set in motion a plan that it has been working on for millennia. It begins to murder the crew one by one.

I have a real soft spot for supernatural horror in space, so Dark Side of the Moon was a great find. The plot bears similarities to Event Horizon (1997) and manages to exude a palpable sense of gloom on its limited budget. The actual story is intriguing, managing to tie in Satan, the Bermuda Triangle, and space travel. Of course, the actual lead up to these revelations is the best part, presenting so many tantalizing mysteries. The film is let down a little by some weak performances and a few cheap sets, but for a low-budget direct-to-video movie, there is nothing unforgivable here. Dark Side of the Moon is a much more effective horror film than I expected. It's a minor treasure and worth a look.

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