Monday, October 19, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 19 - Dracula: The Series - Children of the Night

The opening theme kicks ass.

Dracula: The Series (1990-1991)
S01E01 Children of the Night

Dracula: The Series is an odd footnote in the television horror renascence of the late 1980s/1990s. The look and sound of it feels right at home with Friday the 13th The Series, Freddy’s Nightmares, and other syndicated horror shows of the time. The tone is slightly lighter than those shows and the whole thing feels pitched at a younger audience. Dracula: The Series is free of the gore that flowed freely in many shows from this time and the short 22-minute runtime usually wrapped things up by the end.

The pilot episode sets everything in motion, and it feels a little rushed but that is understandable given the time constraints. A mom (Lynne Cormack) and her two kids (Joe Roncetti and Jacob Tierney ) move to a small city in Europe to live with their uncle Gustav (Bernard Behrens). Also residing in town is a wealthy industrialist named Alexander Lucard (Geordie Johnson), who, shockingly, is actually Dracula. Uncle Gustav comes from a long line of vampire hunters. The two groups have a small conflict and things are set in motion. 

The two things to take away from the first episode of Dracula: The Series are first, the constant pop culture references that haven’t aged well at all. The other brother shouts, “I want my MTV,” when he meets Lucard for the first time. The second is Dracula’s true nature is revealed when he’s stuffing his face with poppy seeds someone dropped on the floor.

I told you it was odd.

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