Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Cathode Ray Mission 20 - Dracula: The Series - Double Cross

"I said, do you have Prince Albert in a can, blah blah."

Dracula: The Series
S01E02 Double Cross

With the preliminaries out the way, the second episode of a series can give us an idea of what a typical story is like. Double Cross lays out the blueprint for most of the season. In the pre-credit sequence, it introduces us to the central thing, in this case, a cross in Uncle Gustav’s house that keeps vampires out. Roll credits. Then we are introduced to the problem as Max thinks the cross needs to be blessed to keep it working and takes it out of the house to hand it to the nearest creepy groundskeeper at a church. Dracula catches word that the house is unprotected and decides it’s time to pay a visit.

The important things to take away from this episode is that Max is not a very bright child and that Dracula has an exercise bike that he likes to use in his free time. We get a mildly tense race against time to replace the cross in the house before Dracula shows up. Like I mentioned in the previous review, this show seems pitched at a young audience so there isn’t much in the way of bloodletting or death but it provides some low rent thrills on a Saturday afternoon.

I am curious to see how many episodes they can keep up with Dracula failing yet still make feel like a menace. The Big D is going to need a victory sooner or later.

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