Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014: Day 21

Week #4: Bigfeet
Emmett Alston

In the 1880s a travelling preacher witnesses something come crashing to Earth. Cut to the 1980s and Bill Crafton (George Kennedy) has a brief reunion with his estranged daughter. It’s brief, because Bigfoot smashes down the door and steals her from their cabin. A group of teens show up a little later to party in the woods. The find a smashed up cabin and a ranting Bill, but decide to stay and party anyway. Before you know it, a ninja-like Bigfoot has disabled their truck and is setting about ripping off heads and arms. Then the movie starts getting weird…

[It’s difficult to discuss Demonwarp with spoiling exactly what makes it unusual, so if you want to watch it unspoiled, you’ll probably want to stop right here.]

For the first hour or so, Demonwarp is pretty standard slasher film. The killer just happens to be Bigfoot this time. It revels in being gruesome and comes across as a slightly higher budgeted Night of the Demon (1980). Without much warning zombies, aliens, and satanic rituals are thrown into the mix resulting in a confusing mess of a third act, but a memorable one. All of these revelations are played with the same exacting grimness of the earlier Bigfoot attacks, so it holds together as a narrative better than it should. It’s definitely not enough to make up for the by-the-numbers horror of the first hour, but I appreciate any attempt to create something new from all these standard elements of horror.  

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