Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014: Day 22

Week #4: Bigfeet
The Capture of Bigfoot
Bill Rebane

A couple of trappers are on their way back to town with something large in a crate. They stop to rest and end up getting mangled by a giant white furred monster. One of them manages to get back via dog sled. His dying words spark the interest of a local business man who is looking to profit off having an actual Bigfoot on display. He and his goons make a few attempts to capture the monster, accidentally shooting its child in the process. The sheriff and a young boy also make attempts to contact the legendary creature known as Arak.

This being a Bill Rebane film, and according to Lloyd Kaufman of Troma as one of the worst films they ever distributed, I went in expecting the worst. It was bad, and occasionally very dull, but coming from the man who brought us: Monster a-Go-Go (1965), The Giant Spider Invasion (1975), and Twister’s Revenge (1987) it was not abysmal. Faint praise, but in with a Rebane film you take what you can get. There are few legitimate car stunts and explosions. There is plenty of over acting from just about everyone on screen. The beginning is actually intriguing, and third act offers some excitement but the middle sags too much and ends up dragging the whole film to a standstill. Aside from two comically terrible Bigfoot costumes, The Capture of Bigfoot is notable for having the single worst disco song ever put to film (and yes, I’m taking the entirety of The Apple (1980) into consideration.)

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